ECIU updates 11.01.2017

Meet ECIU at the AESIS Spring Course! AESIS organises a 2-day international spring course in Barcelona on 9-10 March 2017. Theme: Evaluating and optimising the regional impact of science. Lluís Tort Bardolet, President of ECIU, is one of the main speakers.

Many regional and local governments want to develop a joint approach with universities and universities of applied sciences in order to optimise their regional economic output. For all parties involved, it’s important to discuss which instruments are available to evaluate and optimise the regional impact of science. This training course aims to internationally exchange good practices for achieving this. It will also introduce its participants to the Technopolicy Network-model, which shows the essential factors that determine (regional) innovation capacity, will function as a framework for the course.

Intended participants
•    Regional development agencies
•    Regional policymakers
•    Evaluators of Regional Innovation programs
•    University or university of applied science professionals involved in the regional economy
•    Regional innovation experts
•    Scientometricians

The number of participants for the Spring Course is limited to 50.

More information and the registration form can be found on the website.

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