Effective Presentation Techniques Course for Ph.D. candidates, March 28-30, 2017

All UiS doctoral candidates are welcome to apply for next spring’s Effective Presentation Techniques Course. The course focuses on presentation techniques and the English language. Its aim is to help the participants improve their self-confidence when making presentations in English and to thus equip PhD candidates with a transferable skill useful for a career both inside and outside academia.

It is a full three day course. Presence is expected for the entire duration of the course, and you will be required to make three presentations in English. The maximum number of participants is six (6), and we process the applications on a first come, first serve principle. The deadline of application is Tuesday 31st January, 2017.


The aim of this three-day programme is to introduce participants to the skills of making effective presentations. They will be given the tools for structured planning and organisation of a presentation, together with practice, to help them feel more self-confident when standing up in front of an audience and to help them persuade their audiences more effectively.

The Course Programme

The main topics which will be covered are as follows:

- Precision Preparation

- Structured Organisation

- Viable Visuals

- The Art of Words and Language

- Personal Tailoring

- Conquering Questions

Course Methods

The participants will be asked to perform at least three presentations in front of the rest of the group. These presentations will be based on work-related subjects and will be prepared on course using the new techniques and tools.

The enactments will be recorded on video and each participant will receive constructive feedback from the group as well as individual reviews from the trainer to highlight their strengths.


If you wish to participate, please send an e-mail to robert.radu@uis.no (Department of Research and Innovation), stating the following: 

- A brief description of your PhD project, not exceeding 2 sentences.

- When will the defence of your PhD thesis (disputas) take place?

- Are you planning presentations at international conferences? When and where?


Our course instructor, Louise Rankin, has trained our PhD candidates for several years, and former participants have given her and the course very good feedback.

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