SPAM - ikke klikk på lenkene

I det siste har det gått ut en mengde e-postspam fra en intern postkasse til både eksterne og interne e-postkontoer.
Ikke trykk på lenkene i e-posten, den kan trygt bare slettes.

Avsender er nå sperret, men det er fortsatt mange som har denne e-posten i innboksen. 

Lately a large amount of spam email has been sent from an internal mail box to both external and internal users. Sender is now blocked, but many of our users still have this email in their inbox.

Do not click on any of the links in this email, it can safely be deleted.

Teksten i e-posten er som følger/The content of the email is as follows:

"Microsoft Office:

As part of our effort to improve your experience across our consumer services, we're updating the Microsoft Services Agreement and the Microsoft Privacy Statement. We want to take this opportunity to notify you about these updates. by  CLICKING HERE  for updates and verification, failure to do this your E-Mail account will be suspended.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you.

Admin Department

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Sist oppdatert av Hildegard Nortvedt (07.11.2016)

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