Meet and Inspire with Statoil

The first 'Meet and Inspire' event jointly organized by CIAM and WIS was a success. Around 50 students from the Faculty of Science and Technology (Teknat) at UiS were present.

Ståle Tungesvik, Chief Operating Officer in Management Systems and Organizational Efficiency and Karen Vorraa Leader in Competence Strategy and Management, both from Statoil, were the inspiring 'Thought Leaders' on their Energy perspectives and reflections.

These Weekly Industrial Seminar (WIS) aims to offer students academic and 'inspiring' lectures from the leading industries. Ståle and Karen shared their perspective and reflections on energy and asked, "What does it mean for me as a student?

During the 2 hour event, the tables were turned and this time, the students were the one's asking the 'tough' questions. Everybody got right to it, and asked the industry leaders' thoughts on the future of oil and gas, emerging growth of renewable energy, cabon emissions and environmental impact, and differences between BIG and SMALL companies among others.

The insight and personal life experiences that was shared by the guests, Ståle and Karen proved valuable in today's future workforce. We hope that the student's got a clearer picture of what is in store for them after graduation.

Sist oppdatert av Vanessa Grace O. Booc (11.11.2016)

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