Newly established NRC Research programme on Latin America

In 2007 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to launch an ambitious new strategic priority programme on Latin America. The aim of the new programme is to stimulate research and enhance knowledge and competence in Norway on Latin-America.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Research Council has initiated a new research programme on Latin-America, with a yearly budget of 15-20 million kroner for the next 7 to 10 years.

A first call for proposals will be issued in the autumn of 2008, with new projects starting up in the beginning of 2009

The scope and thematic focus of the programme will be wide and will include social sciences, development research, research on environment and climate, energy and natural resources. To develop a wholesome and strategy for the programme the Research Council has appointed a planning committee. This committee will present a programme report in June 2008. The report will serve as the programme’s strategy for the years to come, and will be adopted by the future programme board, to be appointed summer 2008. Enclosed here is a preliminary programme report.

About the programme - criteria
The research programme is area-oriented and has a natural focus on a number of research topics e.g. related to environmental and economic challenges that are of a cross- or multidisciplinary nature. In addition to high quality disciplinary research, there is a need for cross- or multidisciplinary projects, cross-institutional and cross-national collaboration within integrated research groups. The ability to combine disciplinary strengths with the ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams is important to the ability to attract additional funding e.g. from relevant EU-research programmes. The fourth challenge, therefore, is to ensure a good balance between thematically oriented multi-disciplinary research communities and communities anchored in disciplines.

Finally, the research must be visible and accessible to interests that demand knowledge on Latin America. The Programme must therefore develop dissemination strategies to the benefit of specific users in business life, civil society, politics and public administration as well as for the public at large. This should be done in close collaboration with the network secretariat. The programme aims at meeting these challenges by proposing research within five major research areas:

  • Politics and governance
  • Culture and society
  • Economy, industry, business and markets
  • Natural resources: management, exploitation and conservation
  • Poverty, welfare and human development

For more information and help in organising applications for the autumn 2008 deadline, please contact Kristel Skorge ( or Tore Klepsvik (

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