Lunch seminar in academic paper writing for PhD students and supervisors

We in UiS Doctoral Community are especially happy with our next academic lunch event, which is about academic paper writing.

The seminar is held by Bodil Holst, a professor of Physics at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is the author of a new, entertaining, informative and easy to read book “Scientific paper writing – A surviving guide”, which is why we have invited her to come.

The book is based on workshops of scientific paper writing and publishing, carried out for several hundred participants at various universities over the last 10 years. You can find more information about Dr. Holst's book about scientific paper writing here (link to new window)

Paper writing as skill

Dr. Holst will share her experience of supervising PhD-students and getting their research successfully published in leading scientific journals. She will also elaborate on the topic of scientific paper writing as a skill that is possible to learn by most of PhD students. Attending this seminar will be beneficial for supervisors, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

Lunch will be served free of charge. For this reason, it is important for UiSDC to know how many can participate. You are encouraged to register for this event by accepting an invitation to it in your electronic work calendar.

If you want to join, but have not received an invitation - let us know!

The deadline for registration is the 18th of April.

The seminar will take place at KA AUD2 from 11.30 until 13.00 on the 21st of April.

Discussion and drinks!

We will continue the discussion of Dr. Holst's presentation and have some drinks at Harry Pepper at 7.00 p.m. the same day. Please, send an email in advance to, if you would like to join us at Harry Pepper, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


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