New UiS Staff Choir seeks founding members!

There exists a classy UiS student choir, but sofar there has been no option for the staff at UiS to share an interest in choir singing. Until now!

We hereby invite anyone interested (Permanent Scientific staff, PhD/Postdoc, Tech/Admin staff) to gather during the "teaching-free-block", Tuesdays 13.00-14.00 in Room KA-Aud1.

We will rehearse and sing a selection of summer songs, primarily a Nordic/English language repertoire. The aim is to be able to perform these by the end of term. 

- Audition? 
No. But singing in pitch and familiarity with a sheet of music would be helpful. 

- Do I need to commit to every single rehearsal?
Well, no, but ideally you should be present if at all possible. It is not meant as an occasional drop-in sing-along. 

- Do I need to speak Norwegian/a Nordic language? 
No. You need to sing in Nordic languages. Much easier, because it's all written down for you and you just have to make the sounds. 

- Are we starting the choir from scratch? 
Pretty much, but there is a nucleus of singers based on an ad-hoc group of merry men and women from Camp UniPed.

- There are often meetings scheduled in the "teaching-free-block". 
True, it's not ideal. But it has to be sometime during the work week, and meetings are borderline more flexible than teaching appointments. We'll have to wing it.  

- What is the choir called? 
Someone better come up with something better than: ChorUiS. Or it'll stick.

- Who runs the choir? 
At this stage, it is under the dictatorship of Anders Tranberg/IMN. But as it grows and matures, a proper conductor may be called for, and a more democratic government established.  
- I'm a proff. music-person from Bjergsted. Can I join? 
Of course, you are very welcome. Bring a Sudoku.

We start Tuesday 5/4, where we make a plan based on the turn-out. Then rehearsals 19/4, 26/4, 3/5, 10/5. Also keep 24/5 and 31/5 free.

Hope to see you there!

Anders Tranberg (Dept of Maths and Natural Sciences)

Sist oppdatert av Leiv Gunnar Lie (29.03.2016)

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