Researcher School PROFRES returning to UiS

PROFRES is returning to Stavanger from two successful gatherings in Bodø and Kristiansand during 2015. The overall theme for the gathering at UiS 7-10 March is Implementation and implementation research. Nearly 50 PhD candidates and researchers have signed up for the workshop and PhD course.

Implementation is a word that is increasingly used in policy documents and research literature. In professional work today there are explicit requirement to use research results to develop sustainable solutions to complex practice-relevant problems and ultimately, if possible evaluate the effects.

Although the implementation and implementation research is relatively new, there are now a number of concepts, terms and perspectives to relate to. This is important knowledge for future researchers in professions-oriented and practice-relevant research.

The content of the workshop and the PhD course will address both theoretical foundations for the implementation research and empirical examples from the fields of health, welfare and education. Different concepts, models and implementation processes will be discussed, as well as the epistemological grounds. Of particular interest is learning in relation to change.

The PhD candidates will also be involved in activities of a more generic nature, such as our longitudinal course Work-in-progress,where PROFRES candidates are working with fellow PROFRES students on presenting and commenting parts of their dissertation.  Academic practice is another longitudinal course, topic for this course is How to write applications to the Norwegian Reseach Council, with Senior Adviser Yngvill Rådmannsøy Tømmerberg.

PROFRES is a Researcher School for professions oriented and practice-relevant research, within health, welfare and education. PROFRES is coordinated from the Univesity of Stavanger and is funded in partnership with Nord University and University of Agder.


Sist oppdatert av Leiv Gunnar Lie (07.03.2016)

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