PhD candidate- and supervisors seminar at the University of Stavanger,

The Central PhD administration at UiS will be conducting our Annual PhD candidate- supervisor seminar on the 2nd of March 2016, at Sola Strand Hotel.

This year, the seminar will encompass two key themes: 

The concept of ‘originality’ in the PhD : How is it interpreted by examiners and understood by supervisors and candidates? Professor Ingrid Lunt from the University of Oxford will be the keynote speaker on this theme. These are some of the questions she will present and discuss: Is ‘originality’ the same as ‘a contribution to knowledge’ or are they different? How does originality/a contribution to knowledge relate to the ability to get published? What are the differences in the definition of originality between STEM disciplines and social sciences and humanities?

The second theme is "How to Assure Quality in Doctoral Work When Focussing on Time to Degree" Professor dr. ing. Marta Molinas from NTNU will present her insights from the supervisor point of view and UiS doctoral candidate, Marte Solheim Willhelmsen, will present a candidate's view of this topic. 

We will sum up this half day seminar with a panel of all three presenters, answering questions from the audience. During this session, we will weave these two themes together.

Want more information? Contact Maren Anne Kvaløy, PhD Administration UiS:, phone no: 51831064 / 41644926.

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