Programområdet Interfaces i samarbeid med Forum for forskning 29. februar: A general introduction to intervention studies

Monday 29.2 and Tuesday 1.3, the program area Interfaces will host an intervention workshop led by Dr. Riikka Mononen from the University of Oslo. The first session of the workshop – a general introduction to intervention studies – is open for anyone interested.

Riikka Mononen works as an associate professor, in the field of mathematical learning difficulties, at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her research interests are: interventions, mathematics learning difficulties, development of mathematical skills, and assessment of mathematical skills.

Time : Monday February 29, 09.00-11.30.
Place: Valhall, 3rd floor, The Reading Centre (you must register in the lobby on the 1st floor).

The workshop will be held in English.

Welcome to the seminar!

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Sist oppdatert av Marianne Gjerlaugsen (24.02.2016)

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