Call for papers til konferansen Promises of Monsters på UiS 28.-29. april 2016

Nettverk for kjønnsforskning er medarrangør og vertskap for den internasjonale, tverrfaglige konferansen Promises of Monsters som arrangeres ved UiS 28. og 29. april 2016. Konferansen har som formål å rette søkelyset mot monsteret og det monstrøse som kulturelle, politiske og sosiale troper, figurer og diskurser i samtida. Call for papers er nå publisert - deadline 15. desember 2015!

Promises of Monsters - 28-29th of April 2016 at the University of Stavanger

Monsters are back, or perhaps they never went away. They haunt popular culture and social media. They lurk as images of dread and terror in politics, and figures of thought within academia. As shadows of the past they reappear as the potential biotechnological realities of today. They roam the in-between, making borders and boundaries tremble and shatter, whether these be borders of nation states or bodies, or categories of race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, self and other. In this sense, the monster seems to embody a promise of disturbances and change, as Donna Haraway argued in her 1992 text “The Promises of Monsters”.   

The interdisciplinary conference Promises of Monsters invites contributors to think critically with and through the figure of the monster. What does the monster promise? What contradictions, uncertainties, anxieties, desires and disturbances haunt the shifting landscapes of monsters? How might the monster help unsettle and rethink traditional ontology, epistemology and ethics? In other words: how might the monster help one think and imagine the world differently?

Promises of Monsters invites all, including researchers, artists and practitioners, to engage on an interdisciplinary level with the subject of monsters and the monstrous. As well as traditional academic style presentations, we also welcome creative submissions across all genres and forms.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Professor Margrit Shildrick (Linköping University, Sweden)

Assistant Professor Surekha Davies (Western Connecticut State University, US)

Conference Artist: Tove Kjellmark (Sweden)


Deadline for submissions: 15th December 2015

For more information and a full CfP, see the website:

Promises of Monsters is organized by The Monster Network. You can find and join the Network on Facebook.

The conference is co-organized by the UiS Network for Gender Research.

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