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    ECIU cooperation to combat bullying

    (16.01.2017) The first batch of teacher students has finished a new online course in anti-bullying, a collaboration between ECIU universities in Stavanger and Dublin.

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    ECIU updates 11.01.2017

    (11.01.2017) Meet ECIU at the AESIS Spring Course! AESIS organises a 2-day international spring course in Barcelona on 9-10 March 2017. Theme: Evaluating and optimising the regional impact of science. Lluís Tort Bardolet, President of ECIU, is one of the main speakers.

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    ECIU Staff Mobility Programme 2017

    (22.12.2016) The aim of ECIU Staff Mobility Programme is to increase the mobility among administrative members of staff. The programme provides opportunities for support staff to spend time at other ECIU institutions through a programme tailor-made to individual staff member’s development needs.

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    ECIU Leadership Development Programme 2017

    (15.12.2016) The recruitment for ECIU Leadership Development Programme 2017 has already started!

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    ECIU updates 28.11.2016

    (25.11.2016) EICU office in Brussels will be established early next year!

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    ECIU Accelerator Programme

    (08.11.2016) The ECIU Board unanimously agreed to launch an ECIU Accelerator Programme during the 36th Board Meeting in Aveiro.

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    ECIU updates 08.11.2016

    (08.11.2016) Tampere University of Technology will join the European Consoritum of Innovative Universities (ECIU) by 1 January 2017.

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    ECIU Leadership Development Programme 2016

    (31.10.2016) The final presentations of the ECIU Leadership Development Programme has successfully taken place at University of Aveiro on 28 October.

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    ECIU: Global Faculty Program 2017 at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, February 26th to March 4th 2017

    (17.10.2016) Tecnológico de Monterrey is inviting professors from ECIU partner universities to the Global Faculty Program 2017.

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    ECIU updates 30.09.2016

    (29.09.2016) ECIU Twin Programme in Mechanical Engineering on Bachelor level is established between 6 ECIU partner universities with the aim of increasing student mobility.

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European Consortium of Innovative Universities

The ECIU is a consortium of research universities established in 1997. Today the foundation has eleven European members and a associate partner in Mexico. The University of Stavanger became a member of the consortium in 2012.

Contact information and steering groups:

Board Member
Marit Boyesen, Rector

Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Dag Husebø, Prorector

Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact of Research
Troels Jacobsen, Director of Innovation and Research

EU policy
Kyrre Aas, Senior Advisor, FIA

Local coordinator
Bjarte Hoem, Head of International Office